Control Burn Band

In addition to teaching guitar lessons, I am also the guitarist of the Atlanta based acoustic trio Control Burn. Control Burn is a trio based in Atlanta that combines bluegrass, country, blues and jazz to create an exciting sound that you'll love.

Meet the Band

Control Burn came together in the spring of 2014. After meeting mandolinist Jay Moore at a local jam session in Marietta, Georgia, guitarist Harris Kendrick suggested that they get together with bassist Tyler Kufta. Harris didn't realize that Tyler and Jay actually knew each other, having played together several years before in the renowned Bluegrass Music Program at East Tennessee State University. Against this backdrop of reunion and friendship, the trio met at Tyler's house for an informal jam session. 

Jay Moore Control Burn

Jay Moore


Harris Kendrick Control Burn

Harris Kendrick


Tyler Kufka

Tyler Kufka



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